1997 Hummer H1

A few important words about Hummer H1 Vehicles

A Hummer H1 is outclassed by modern automobiles. Even those who have no interest in automobiles will probably be able to identify it. No matter where you go, it is readily recognized because of its style, width, and massive 37-inch tires. The military version was as expected, sparse with no creature comforts and some military equipment. However, the civilian-built H1s received comfort improvements while keeping their incredible capabilities and stylish appearance. Therefore, spend the money on an H1 Hummer instead of that new family SUV; you won’t be sorry.

One of the most recognizable civilian trucks in existence is the Hummer H1. The production of this amazing beast lasted from 1992 until 2006. Due to its participation in Operation Desert Storm and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s passionate campaign, who is also a major lover of Hummers and the proud owner of numerous Hummer vehicles, the Hummer H1 already had a sizable fan following and proceeded to gain popularity.

For Sale

  • 1997 Hummer H1
  • Fresh factory paint
  • Highly desirable Tan Interior
  • New Touch Screen
  • Apple Car Play / Android Auto
  • Backup Camera
  • Fresh Tires
  • Hydraulic Winch
  • Fully Serviced
  • Countless hours of meticulous restoration


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